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The Sheri & Les Biller Family Foundation (Yvonne Bell)

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Judge Ernie & Michelle Kim Hiroshige

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Caleb John Kim, CEO, Bizpost Group

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Luan K. Phan, Esq.

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Stacey Wang & Joshua Wes

Founding Members: $ 500

Brad Lee, Esq.

Tzi Ma

United Escrow (Michelle Han)

Ellison Apparel(Ellison Hong)

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Edward J. Chong, Esq.

Wendy Zheng

Judge Ann Park

Christopher Pham, Esq.

Blue Capital Law

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Teri Pham, Esq.

Robert Nagata, Esq.

Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association

Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation

Judge Jon Mayeda (Ret.)

Chang Lee

Leslie Furukawa, Esq.

John H. Oh, Esq.

East West Players

Michelle K. Sugihara, Esq.

Edward W. Lew, Esq.

Aaron Takahashi

Philip W. Chung

Helen Ota

Korean Community Lawyers Association

Lori Nakama

Justin Park, Esq.

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The Asian Pacific American Friends of Theater is dedicated to the promotion of casting Asian Pacific American actors to play non-ethnic specific American roles in American plays on main stage theaters.

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